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How to bet online in 2022 – Types of bets

Live betting: how to bet online There are some specific types of guesses you can place and here I will divide them into four distinct broad categories.

1.- Futures betting:

future betting

These are bets that are located on the final winner of a using contest. An exact instance might be betting on the winner of the Super Bowl before the start of the NFL season or the winner of Liga MX at the beginning of the year. There are some casinos that offer promotions on interesting European leagues, for example Betway and Bet365 offer you that if in any European league you bet on the winner of the tournament and they are ahead by 12 points in the standings, they will count the bet as a win, regardless of whether it is September, October or whatever month of the year it is.

2.-Support bets:


These are bets you could place within a sport, which do not actually depend on the actual result. For example, you can bet that a basketball player like LeBron James scores a certain amount of points in the game, or whether or not a football player say for example Messi scores a goal. Also for these types of bets we can come across different promotions, for example Betway in selected matches if you bet that a player will score a goal, and the match ends nil-nil, they will refund your money as a free bet.

3.-Play betting:

this is by some distance the most famous category of the three, where you will discover a wide range of daily betting alternatives. These will consist of bets such as the point spread, where you will predict whether the popular team will win more than the spread, the money line, where you are honestly predicting the winner of a sport and the totals, where you’ll be predicting whether the overall amount of factors/goals/factors is above or below the indicated line.

A clear example would be the famous over and under, this means if a certain match will end with more or less goals than the average that the statisticians predict. For example for a Chivas vs America goals are predicted, a usual over-under would be 2.5 goals, that means that the goal line is at 2.5 if we bet under, we can wait for zero, one or two goals to be scored, otherwise we will lose our bet. For an over, if 3 goals or more are scored, you can rest assured.

4.- Live / in-play bets:

These are bets that will be placed at the same time as the game is played. Odds, odds, odds and lines can move wildly in these markets, by no means greater than within the final ranges of a sport. Live betting is always a tricky subject as we tend to get caught up in the adrenaline of the moment and can be uncalculative with our decisions, so we recommend in these cases to only bet live or cash out when things don’t go well for your bet.

For example let’s say you bet on America to beat Monterrey, America has just scored but you see that they are stoning the ranch and a draw would not bother America, then after the goal you can collect your bet as a live win by cashing out, or if your bookmaker does not allow you to do so, bet on America not to win, the equivalent of cancelling your bet.

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