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Features of live online betting

When we talk not only about the house, but also about the features that a good live sports betting platform should have, we cannot forget the most important ones, such as live streams – in fact, if they are with live images, all the better -, results and statistics updated instantly and the possibility of cashout.

Live streams and live images

live match

There is a slight difference between live streams and live images. Operators do not usually have the broadcasting rights to matches or competitions, so the solution they have found is to make a diagram of the court or pitch on which the sport is being played and indicate, in the form of a sketch with arrows and diagrams, what is happening in the actual event: who is attacking, who is defending, who has the ball, if any… And, of course, who is scoring a goal. It would be very complicated and risky to offer these broadcasts illegally, as some associations take very aggressive measures against broadcasting their events without permission. For some, such as LaLiga, these methods have cost them a scandal and a fine of 250,000 for violating the privacy of their users.

Instant statistics and results in live sports betting

live result

An important thing when placing live bets is to have instantly updated match results and statistics at your fingertips. It is vital to be able to access this information so necessary to be able to bet or modify the amounts you have already placed being well informed, in order to make better decisions that benefit you the most.

Decide whether you want to close a bet or not with the cashout option

I’m sure it has happened to you more than once that you have placed a bet and then realised that it wasn’t a good idea, either because of a last minute injury or some other change. With the cashout option you will have the possibility to recover part of the money you bet by mistake, even after the match has already started. But it doesn’t end there: at any time during the event you can cash out your bet. That is, imagine you have bet that team A will beat team B, and in the 32nd minute of the match they are 3-0. Your chances of winning, in that case, are very high; with the cashout you can close your bet at that moment and withdraw part of the winnings, which will not be as high as if you wait until the end of the match; but you are assured of a profit. In some operators you can combine the welcome promotion with the cashout, as is the case of Betsson’s welcome bonus with cashout, so take advantage of it!

Final verdict: several great bookmakers for live betting

We would like to close this article with a recap of all the topics we have covered on this page; they all seem equally important to us and we don’t want to leave any of them out. To continue, take into account all the aspects that you should look out for: that it has different betting markets in various sports, that the odds are sufficiently interesting and that the promotions are generous. In addition, a platform for mobiles and tablets, whether it is a native app or an adapted website, adds a lot of points. If you want to read more in depth about these details, take a look at our page with the best bookmakers.

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